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A rich and sumptuous palette for a large Entrance Hall come Reception Room

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Some English homes have two reception rooms. Most terraced houses have a duo pitch gable roof. For a typical two-up two-down house, the front room has historically been the parlour, or reception room, where guests would be entertained, while the rear would act as a living room and private area.

The welcome area is a space that makes a first impression on visitors. The reception is the first thing people will see and maybe waiting in the space until someone comes to meet them, so it’s a great opportunity to make the right impression and make your visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

Our hallways became reception rooms that old houses used to have. Hallways give breathing space and a sense of flow and can give an impression of space and openness even if the following rooms are not super sized. A spacious hallway is rare, so if you have one, reveal it. However, if you would like to create a real impact, use the front reception room, usually called "the drawing room" as a front reception to welcome your guests and visitors.

This room can be used to welcome guests and visitors, somewhere guests can wait and hang out, put your shoes on, a casual reading and chilling space. We created a space just for these. A combination of natural linen, metals, rattan, and dark wood cabinetry create a beautiful scheme with depth and richness. This design welcomes visitors in and embodies elegance.

A Grand Entrance

Position an interesting feature at the furthest end of the room so your eye is drawn towards it the moment you enter the front door. A striking sideboard with a mirror creates a great point of interest for someone who enters the house. The sideboard doubles as storage for shoes and other small items. Smart shoe storage is one of the most practical design challenges. Also, a statement piece of furniture is perfect to act as the focal point of the space and house shoes and boots for all ages.

This hallway mirror makes the entryway feel instantly bigger and brighter. It reflects light and adds just the right amount of pattern and texture to this swoon-worthy hallway space. You can create just as much impact with a sculptural mirror as you can with a piece of art. This mirror's unconventional shape makes a real statement.

Practical parts

We need to locate our coats in a convenient location, ideally near an entrance door, but at the same time, we all want our hall to look good. This Open Wardrobe collection is made using Mango solids with mixed timber veneers of Teak, Mahogany, Mindy Ash, and Mango which give contrast and make the inlaid pattern stand out. It has a stunning brown finish - the different grains in the mixed timbers stand out in the light and catch your eye with this beautiful detail. Offering a global traveller look that has a hint of ethnic design detail, this beautiful piece is exciting but timeless in its approach and so can be mixed with modern or classic pieces in an eclectic space. perfect coat storage for you.

Greet guests with somewhere to sit including either a comfortable chair or a small sofa or both to let any visitor quickly make themselves at home. It’s an immediate offer of hospitality to anyone who’s having to change footwear as they come in from a bracing country stroll. this sofa is a stylish hallway seating, elegant neutral fabrics and natural wood help create a cozy space in this space, providing a touch of soft, clean texture.


Use light to your advantage. Make your guests feel at home by greeting them with plenty of illumination. Choose a feature light to make a real impact. For an entrance that will leave a lasting impression, a chandelier showcases both luxury and ambiance. Hanging a beautiful light fitting has the same effect as putting on some statement jewellery, elevating the whole look.

Lighting can also signpost where they should walk to reach other areas in your home. The lamp here provides an instant warm glow, while a pendant like this one – especially if paired with another, positioned further along – will signal the way along the hallway. A table light on the sideboard adds a soft ambient glow and ensures a welcoming feel.

Clever lighting in your home's entrance will set the hallway colour scheme as well as the colours used in adjoining rooms. The cohesive use of colour and mix of textures sets the tone for an uplifting decorating scheme, creating a sense of flow that draws people in.


Plants create a welcoming first impression in the hallway and entrance hall. With their large and luxurious leaves, these vertical space stylers give a fresh point of interest to the home and office. Orchids add an impactful statement for an entrance. This colourful and compact indoor plant has a lot of upright growth that doesn’t block or interfere with walkways and doors, making it ideal for busy spaces with frequent traffic.

Textile and Decor

As the hallway is where guests are welcomed, it should say something about you and set the mood for the rest of the house. Showcase Art And Decorative Elements. Make an entry vignette – a petite, elegant moment to experience as you or your guests enter or leave your home. Interesting small artwork is integral to the space and is a wonderful way to bring visual interest to the hall.

The layering of varied textures and fun surprises is everywhere in the fashion and design world right now. Metals are available in the widest variety, with choices like brushed nickel, polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed gold, polished brass, and antique bronze widely used and mixed. Texture upon texture is today’s norm.

Mixing metal, wood, and ceramics in home decor create new energy; it adds texture, warmth, and character to the space, and can take a room from dull to sensational. Mixed textures also give an edgy, versatile liveliness, no matter where you are in the house.

Choosing to furnish your home with natural fabrics such as linen, wood, rattan, and bamboo can actually improve the air quality for you and your family.

To create a healthier space to live in, it’s important to pay close attention to the materials that you use to decorate and furnish your home. Air quality indoors can be impacted by carpets, rugs, and other soft furnishings around you, which can quickly gather dust and trigger allergies. Whether you have a ranch out in the countryside, a lodge up in the mountains, or a home in the great outdoors, get ready to discover 5 natural fabrics that will help you achieve a more sustainable, eco-friendly home.

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