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Autumn Vibes

Get Your House Hibernation Ready And Maximise Your Rest Time. Autumn and Winter is a time of the Season Affected Disorder and tiredness. We feel sleepy and sluggish all the time. These are normal signs that we need to slow down and our body require hibernation and rest.

To help you get your home hibernation-ready and boost your comfort, even in the colder months, we’ve put together a moodboard to all the best snuggly buys that will keep you cosy and relax.

Bring autumn vibes into your home - layering, throws, cosy fabric, soft rug and space to snuggle and watch the world go by.

The colours and cosiness of autumn make it an incredibly heart-warming time of year, with opportunities to create a home that’s full of autumnal colour palettes, layers and textures.

It’s a season of change, for our homes as much as the outdoors, and as nature prepares to hibernate so too do we lean towards cosy nights in snuggled under a blanket, filling our kitchen with the smells of seasonal bakes and enjoying the glow of candlelight.

And from autumn into winter, you’ll be looking to up the cosy, comfortable vibes in your home – especially your bedroom, as you try to maximise sleep.

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