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Cinnamon Space


We are a young and enthusiastic interior design studio specialising in interior design, styling and space concept online projects.  Every interior created is entirely unique. We are not restricted to a definitive house style, instead, we offer a custom design, tailored to your personal style, requirements, and the architecture of the property. We take great care to ensure that our designs are environmentally sustainable and beneficial to the health and well-being of the occupants.

Each step of our design process is framed around you, we cater to your style and needs. The result?
You’ll always get the look you want and never feel pressured into buying things you don’t.
You can sign up for one of our flat-rate basic online pricing plans or browse our other services for a tailor-made project.


Ceramic, rattan, natural and authentic material promote healthier, more comfortable spaces to live, work and play.

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