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A sophisticated home office

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

A dedicated work space in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. This bright, light home office is the perfect place to think and create.

A soothing environment with soft neutral colours that evokes a serene atmosphere, keeps you focussed and calm whilst at work. A textural finishes add interest and depth, ensuring the space feels comfortable and delivers an ‘at home’ ambience, rather than being a stark and cold space.

Adding in a rug and a favourite chair continues that feeling and ensures that when you come to work at home, you feel easily settled and ready for your day.

Having views of nature can be soothing, so ensure that if there's a view, you can see it. It's said to improve home office productivity, too. Natural and artificial plants, images of flora and fauna also contribute to this feeling.

The light wood Perch&Parrow Juno Desk is beautiful and acts as a design statement. The pink, cream and gold colour palette creates a working from home space that promotes maximum productivity but balances comfort, utilize a timeless scheme that combines practical elements with welcoming additions. This evokes a strong sense of balance and inner calm that can’t help but lower stress levels.

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