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Modern, earthy, textured and raw home decor is the interior look that is dominating the design world in 2021. Slightly rustic, yet incredibly contemporary, this decor style echoes the colours, appearance and finishes of the natural world. The defining material used within this aesthetic is stone or stone-effect, accompanied by artisan accessories constructed from wood and clay, and textiles composed from natural fibres such as rattan and sisal.

Shop the Board:

1. Tall Accent Cabinet , 2. Artificial Eucalyptus in Black Vase 46cm, 3. Insects X Art Print, 4. Botanical Illustration Plant Mix1 Art Print, 5. Natural Onega Washed Linen Cushion Cover, 6. Onadowan Cotton Cushion, 50x50cm, Natural, 7. Tobacco Onega Washed Linen Cushion Cover, 8. Ficus altissima yellow gem

9. Snow White Honeycomb Dimout Perfect Fit, 10. Florian Flower Pot with Wood Feet, H45cm, 11. Her Print, Print by Kit Agar, 50 x 70cm, 12. Hello Youre Awesome Nice Bum Art Print, ​13. Composition 02, Print by Mae Studio, 50 x 70cm, 14. Tuscany Table Lamp

15. Desktop mini plant set , 16. Alana, Rectangular Mirror Extra Large 70 x 100 cm, Brushed Brass, 17. Rudzi, Set of 2 Cushions, 30x50cm, Tan, 18. Nordic Beige Cabinet with 2 Doors 2 Shelves Rattan Woven, 19. Natural Wood Entryway Bench with Shoe Rack

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